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Mohamed Kallon denies FA ambition

By Kemoh Sesay

The Chairman of premier league side FC Kallon has refuted claims that he is planning to run for the Presidency of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) later this year.

Kallon told Politico Sports he wants to continue playing and nurturing his boys to become better players for Sierra Leone. “I want to see football played across the country, I have heard that people are murmuring that I am nursing ambition for the top job in football, but I have kept silent thinking that it was just fun…it has moved from that, so it is high time I refuted those claims,” Kallon said.

Asked whether the Super League is a move to undermine the Premier League, Kallon replied, “I don`t think so, only that we were not happy with the current trend of football in the country, the Super League will not only help the clubs to identify new players but will also keep the clubs and players going”.

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