About Us

Editor-in-Chief/Online Editor:  Umaru Fofana

Managing Editor:                    Tanu Jalloh

Newspaper Editor:                  Kemo Cham

Standards Editor:                    Isaac Massaquoi

Correspondents:                     Septimus Senessie (Eastern Bureau Chief)

                                               Mohamed T. Massaquoi (Southern Bureau Chief) 

Email: politicosalone@gmail.com

Tel.:   +232 79 63 63 63 


Aware of the tribal and regional dichotomy that has permeated the politics of Sierra Leone, as epitomised by the only two political parties that have ruled our country since independence in 1961 (SLPP and APC), Politico aims to help de-tribalise and de-regionalise our politics for the amelioration of the plight of the ordinary Sierra Leonean no matter where they are or who they voted for.

No-one is responsible for their being born into a certain ethnic group and must therefore not suffer for it. This is the only way we can truly rise from the ashes of war and the backward political system caused, sustained and characterised by the deep-seated rumble of corruption our country has long suffered from.

This is a struggle for you, for us and for those yet unborn. So please join us.

Long Live Sierra Leone!

Long Live East, North, South, West!