Sierra Leone must skip academic year 2014/15

By Umaru Fofana

On a bed inside the Port Loko Government Hospital he sits. All he now knows is a toy given to him by someone he does not know but assumes is his mother. As he cuddles the teddy bear, it is obvious Ibrahim Sankoh misses a hug he has apparently not had for a while. Both his parents got snatched away by Ebola. So did his siblings. The four-year-old boy got infected by the virus and recovered through the intervention of some Danish health workers at the GOAL-run facility in northern Sierra Leone.

Ebola is still here, still deadly

By Umaru Fofana

It is Sunday afternoon at the ever-pristine Lumley beach. Cars are parked. Revellers already frolicking. Girls in miniskirts panting and perambulating. All at their peril and at the peril of the broader society.

Sierra Leone Ebola and the Arab world

By Umaru Fofana

The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone has exposed many things: from the obvious to the discreet, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the altruist to the self-serving – both at the leadership and the followership.

Sierra Leone Executive Order, Abusable Order

By Umaru Fofana

There are certain things in life that get determined by our circumstance or the situation we find ourselves in. That could be for good or for bad. With the passage of time it is unimaginable that the man who would later become head of the Catholic Church was a Hitlerite. Pope Benedict was an active member of the Nazi Youth Wing during the Second World War. He would later become a symbol of global peace, harmony and justice as pontiff.

Sierra Leone, the tears after the blood

By Umaru Fofana

Samuel Pessima stands still – looking lost in something. He is surrounded by poverty emanating from long years of neglect for John Thorpe village, some six miles from Freetown. 3,000 people live in a community with virtually no toilet – unless of course if you count the dumpsite as one.

Sierra Leone's politicians, the country's predicament

By Umaru Fofana

May the year 2014 never return! May those who died rest in peace! May those of us still alive be saved! Sooner rather than later, may our leaders who would have responded more honestly and dutifully to our predicament but failed to do so get the fortitude to admit their wrongdoing which led to the letdown.