Editorial: Politico Newspaper Is Back!

Greetings! In the first place we apologise for being away from the news-stands for this long. Precisely four months nineteen days since we last published on 2 September this year, we are out again.

Secondly, we must register our appreciation for the deluge of calls and messages from concerned friends.All of you genuinely wanted to know what happened to the publication. We feel cared for.

Editorial: Rest In Heaven, Dr Khan

Sierra Leone is in mourning. We need look no further for a hero. This country has not produced one like him since the gallantry shown by those soldiers who helped end our brutal rebel war.

At 39 years, and the country's only specialist in viral haemorrhagic fevers, Dr Shek Umar Khan could have landed a hugely lucrative job anywhere in the world. But he chose to return home to fight a medical war against viral diseases.

US up against HIV/AIDS

By Fasalie Sulaiman Kamara

Deputy chief of mission and Charge d’ Affaires of the US embassy in Sierra Leone says her country is unwavering in its commitment to achieve an AIDS-free generation.

Kathleen FitzGibbon said “we need to make sure that every child born to a member of the Republic of Sierra Armed Forces (RSLAF) family is born HIV-free”. She told a huge gathering of military men, women and their families at the joint communication unit on Wilberforce as part of this year’s celebration of World Aids Day.

Politicotorial: We condemn the beating-up of the Defence Minister

The incident last week between ex-servicemen and the Defence Minister is despicable. We, at Politico,  are surprised that it has not been roundly condemned. Pallo Conteh is our Minister. No matter the security breach that led to his beating and being stripped of his jacket in broad-day light the action by these ex-servicemen, however strong the reason for their agitation, must be condemned.

A Government Minister may not be beyond reproach but he/she represents the symbol of the state and must never be subjected to such mistreatment.

Politicotorial: Old Road: A scar on Sierra Leone Govt’s conscience

We applaud some efforts that have been made and are still being made by Government in addressing the country’s poor road network. The provincial and district headquarter town projects are laudable even if some of them  seem abandoned owing, largely, to corruption between the contractors and some government officials. And barring the engineering stupidity that has caused flooding on that road, the widening of Wilkinson Road and Spur Road in the west of Freetown has tremendously eased the gridlock that vehicular traffic used to occasion there.

Politicorial: Sierra Leone Sports Minister is an Albatross...

We have great respect for the man who is Minister of Sports and Youth Employment of Sierra Leone, Paul Kamara. But certainly not because of what he has done as minister. We believe he has done tremendous things for this country in the past as a fearless and opinionated journalist who stood for what his conscience told him was right. He may have got some of it wrong some of the time – obviously he is human – but by and large he showed some level of patriotism for which we will always salute him.