Our Prayer for Country!

"High we exalt thee realm of the free; Great is the love we have for thee; Firmly united ever we stand; Singing they praise oh native land;...Land that we love our Sierra Leone". How often do we sing these words! How less often do we really mean them! How many times do we actually remember them!

Fare Thee Well, Schulenberg

There is a cloud of clouds surrounding the departure next week of the Executive Representative of the United Nations' Secretary General to Sierra Leone, Michael Von Der Schulenberg. Under difficult and controversial circumstances he came. Under difficult and controversial circumstances, it seems, he leaves. In-between the two he did the country good. He engaged civil society and made them even stronger. He hobnobbed with journalists and helped make the media grow even robuster. His commitment to ensuring the country did not slide back to full-scale conflict was evident and laudable.

Who we are and why we are here

Aware of the tribal and regional dichotomy that has permeated the politics of Sierra Leone as epitomised by the only two political parties (SLPP and APC) that have ruled our country since independence fifty years ago, Politico aims to help detribalise and de-regionalise our politics for the amelioration of the plight of the ordinary Sierra Leonean no matter where they are or who they may have voted for.