Sierra Leone opposition Bewitched

By Ezekiel Nabieu

All recent events connected with the S.L.P.P. do not seem to be natural but only adding fuel to the smouldering embers within the party. It is a fact that party divisions for good or evil are inseparable from free governments. SLPP is no exception to that syndrome. The All Peoples Congress (APC) had more than its fair share of the symdrome months before the 2007 elections. Defections by traitors and opportunists have not helped the situation.

This baffling EURO 2016

By Mohamed Jaward Nyallay 

Last night saw the end of the group stage phase of the European championship. As some teams have progressed, some had long since gone home and others clinched their fist in hope of progression till 10pm on Wednesday night .

This tournament has been different from previous editions. For a start, it is an extended edition; with 24 teams participating now instead of the usual 16. The whole extension idea was the brainchild of the UEFA President, Michel Platini.

The Title “Honourable” is not Limited to MPs

By Paschal Obed Egbenda

Another interesting debate is gathering momentum – this time whether Ministers of government should enjoy the title “Honourable”.

I will present my own argument by first explaining the meaning and use of the word “honourable”, what obtains elsewhere and implications of the 1991 Constitution with regards the title.

Agony of primary school-leaving pupils in Sierra Leone

By Mustapha Sesay  

This year’s National Primary School Examination (NPSE) candidates were faced with twin-shocks at their first attempt of public examinations: Indefinite postponement and mismatch between questions and answers on their question booklets.

‘God came for his champion’

By Mohamed Jaward Nyallay

Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Floyd Mayweather are some of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. But their individual fame, stardom and glory are nothing compared to Muhammad Ali’s; put it simple, Ali is the greatest of all times.

Foreman himself said: “He said it better than anyone else: ‘ I am the greatest!’ The man was the greatest. Forget about boxing, he was one of the greatest men to get in to a ring.”