See you in January...with another football transfer madness

By Isaac Massaquoi

The craziest period in the European Football calendar has just ended. It's the period between the conclusion of one league season and the beginning of another. All the excitement is generated by media speculation about which star player is moving from which club to where and for how much money. Football pundits will spend the next few days analysing all the transfers to determine which one is real value for money and which one actually tells us those involved in buying players at such unbelievable fees have more money than sense.

The forgotten King Jimmy Bridge

By Isaac Massaquoi

How come nobody is talking about the incident at King Jimmy anymore? If you are wondering what I am talking about, here it is: In the early hours of Thursday 8th August, a portion of Wallace Johnson Street close to a very popular market called King Jimmy in central Freetown, was washed away by heavy rain. The road collapsed killing at least six Sierra Leoneans who had built what they called home in very squalid conditions under the bridge.

Facing the realities at the SLFA

By Isaac Massaquoi

So where does Sierra Leone Football go from here? It’s no secret anymore that President Ernest Bai Koroma has tried and failed to get some kind of a compromise between the controversially elected president of the FA, Isha Johansen and the Rodney Michael campaign team that was disqualified from contesting. A compromise that would have brought at least a semblance of peace to the so-called football family and opened the way for the national league to resume.

SLFA, that sham of an election

By Isaac Massaquoi

The last leadership transition process that culminated in Isha Johansen being declared President of the Sierra Leone Football Association taught many lessons. It also destroyed the character and reputation of individuals and institutions and indeed long-standing friendships. For a very long time to come, many of the key players will be unable to recover from their self-inflicted injuries.

The media: voyeuristic, not racist

By Isaac Massaquoi

It was in 2007 that the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave the media an unbelievable kicking in a speech at the Reuters Institute. He probably timed his extraordinary attack to coincide with his last days in office. But in the speech he explained that he was neither complaining nor using his departure as safe ground on which to attack the media. I believe him.

I however note the timing of that speech and the frankness with which he spoke knowing very well that the media would have the last laugh.

A Question of Democracy in Egypt

By Isaac Massaquoi

Last week a friend who feels very strongly about events of the last two weeks in the North African country of Egypt poured his frustration down on his Facebook wall. Essentially, he was very angry with the military in that country for ousting the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi from power.