Al-Shabaab threat: Are we losing focus already?

By Isaac Massaquoi

Like many other Sierra Leoneans, I think that after the initial shock caused by the Al-Shabaab attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya we are returning surprisingly quickly to our usual ways of life before our troops were deployed to Somalia which triggered the Al-Shabaab threat to attack us.

The Chinese Ambassador was Right

By Isaac Massaquoi

Unlike some of their Western colleagues, Chinese diplomats are not known to make strong and controversial statements about their host countries. In fact they are always very careful not to say anything to suggest they are uncomfortable with the quality of governance in their new home. I note however that any time they are confronted with geopolitical questions over Taiwan and Tibet, they bristle. I understand why.

Waking up to the Al-Shabaab threat

By Isaac Massaquoi

Kenya is a good eight hours from Sierra Leone by air. But the devastating attack on a shopping mall in that country by the Somali terrorist outfit Al-Shabaab killing and injuring scores has left many here asking a lot of questions about the ability of our security agencies to protect our lives and properties if the same rebel group were to make good their threat to attack Sierra Leone for contributing troops to the African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM.

Gang violence shames Freetown

By Isaac Massaquoi

When I read the press release issued by the Council of Churches of Sierra Leone in one of our tabloids this week, I was left with the impression that the leaders of our churches who are normally very patient people had been compelled to speak out at a time when many of the noble people of our country are either too compromised to say anything critical of the status quo or prefer to live happily ever after in their prosperity havens around Freetown.

Where is the Freetown Mayor?

By Isaac Massaquoi

In less than ten weeks, Franklin Bode Gibson will be one year in office as Mayor of Freetown. I am not sure he will be celebrating too loudly because residents of the city are asking a lot of questions about the way he is running the place, and unless he does something really dramatic in the weeks running to his first anniversary as Mayor, many in Freetown might just decide to give up and wait for the next three years.