Sewa Grounds, Junction Police and Okadas

By Isaac Massaquoi

I would have loved to interview President Koroma after his weekend visit to the Sewa Gounds, the proposed central market in Freetown. All what many newspapers reported was his order that the so-called market stalls built with cheap corrugated iron sheets be pulled down immediately because they were a total mockery of what was really intended by those who conceived the idea of building a market in that place and went on to receive and disburse money for that purpose.

From my 2013 notebook

By Isaac Massaquoi

Not everybody will accept this: Emerson Bockarie's take on the major issues of the day in Sierra Leone in his latest album was the major talking point throughout the country which closed the year 2013 and started the year 2014. Can I please see the hands up of those in agreement with me.

Christmas Boxes, Envelops and Dash Cards

By Isaac Massaquoi

In the last few weeks, I haven't been to any government office, including Youyi Building without seeing a nicely wrapped, so-called Christmas box into which every visitor is expected, even required, to drop some money for the benefit of the organisers of this sophisticated begging project which to me is just like those aggressive ones near the Bank of Sierra Leone or at all our petrol stations in this country.

A picture is worth a thousand words, But...

By Isaac Massaquoi

Imagine this for a moment: a member of your family or a very close friend is killed in a road accident. On the morning of the next day, you see the gory pictures of the incident splashed across the front pages of national newspapers. How would that make you feel? Let's even say you don't know anybody in the pictures published in such pornographic details, how would you react?

Ansarul violence and the wider questions

By Isaac Massaquoi

I am happy to go on record again, calling for authorities to be more decisive and even-handed in dealing with public order problems and not create the impression as if anybody can do anything and get away with it. Or the police can shoot and kill people then embark on elaborate cover-up to deflect public attention from their weaknesses.