A Diocese Without A Bishop

By James Tamba Lebbie

That poor Vatican State. It is still licking its wounds inflicted some eight months ago by a small group of “rebel” and “recalcitrant” priests in this impoverished tiny West African country called Sierra Leone.

Politics, Identity & Custom

By James Tamba Lebbie

It is generally believed that there is no perfect democracy around the world, not least in the country where the concept and practice originated, and certainly not in the other developed nations that borrowed and popularized it. That said, we may tend to wonder why, in spite of its over half a century of existence as a continent with sovereign states, Africa has lagged behind so dismally in terms of democratic gains.

Performance Contract Not Coercive Contract

By James Tamba Lebbie

The political evaluation mechanism in the name of Performance Management Contract, instituted for government ministers in 2008 by President Koroma, perhaps, on the advice of the Commonwealth Secretariat has been given a new lease of life, albeit in another sector. And the move has come at a time when many Sierra Leoneans have forgotten about the initiative, and therefore prompting speculation that it is dead.