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Beach lifeguards call for gov’t support

By Albert George Sheriff

A senior lifeguard at the Aberdeen Beach in Freetown, Osman Kamara, has called on government to assist with the supply of safety and protective gears, including boats, torpedo and life jackets among others.

He was lamenting the state of affairs for lifeguards on Saturday following the drowning of two teenagers at the Aberdeen beach because the guards were too ill-equipped to help.

Kadiatu Sawaneh, a relative of one of the deceased Alimamy Thoronka and neighbour with Alusine Boima the other deceased, said the pair “unceremoniously left home on Saturday morning” and never returned alive when news of their death reached the families later that day.

A senior lifeguard at the Aberdeen Beach described the incident as unfortunate, pointing out that the two boys, aged 13 and 15 years, had flouted their instructions.

He cautioned beach-goers to be mindful of the festive season during which drowning becomes commonplace. He said during this season it would be sensible to stay off swimming.