If I were Musa Tarawallie

On Monday evening there was a groundswell of rumour in Freetown and on some chat forums around the world that Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Tarawallie had been sacked. Wishful thinking, obviously, but the fact is that all those I spoke to in my bid to authenticate the story hardly had any sympathy with the minister at all. It turned out, ostensibly, not to be true. But it reminded me of a fable handed down to me by the grandma about a man who pretended that he was dead just so he would hear people’s impression about him.

Our FOI Bill still being bowled

By Umaru Fofana


In Parliament it lies. Covered in dust. Forgotten by the legislature. Suffocated by the executive. Besmirched by the judiciary. Unchallenged by the opposition. They all seem complicit. With all sides prevaricating no one is advocating. Our Freedom of Information Bill is all but killed.


UNIMAK Marks a Unique Mark

Juliana looks excited. For very good reasons too. As she talks to me she almost sheds tears of joy. Abubakarr is overwhelmed. He has to be. After all they two of them have just graduated from the University of Makeni, the first private university in Sierra Leone. But even more important is that UNIMAK, as it is know by its acronym, is the first university in the northern Sierra Leone. A region that lags behind the rest of the country in more ways than one.

In defence of the Police

Francis Munu is probably the best educated or at the very least the most intelligent Sierra Leonean Inspector General of Police since Joseph Stanley's brief stay at the helm. The latter was not allowed to exhibit his brilliance thanks to the frustration he was subjected to by James Bambay Kamara who is without doubt the worst police boss this country has had since independence not least because of his despicable human rights record that makes Pol Pot's forces in Cambodia look like human rights campaigners if not activists.