Beyond the obvious: the challenges besetting statecraft in Sierra Leone

By Umaru Fofana 

In March 2016 Moijueh Kaikai and Mustapha Bai Attila were sacked as Sierra Leone's Minister and Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs respectively. It followed their involvement in a disgraceful, distasteful and disgusting public brawl of humiliating proportions. There was an outcry. But in a country of sensation and coverup, we let that pass. Without demanding that the allegations made in that public brouhaha be looked into, if only to ward off any such in the future. 

How illegal fishing is putting locals out of business in Sierra Leone

By Alpha Kamara

The Rogbaneh Road cold room in Makeni – a once buzzing market in the heart of Sierra Leone – stands empty. Very little fish is available on the stalls. For the fish mongers who rely on the trade, there’s little to do but stand idly by and wait and reminisce. It’s clear that their customers have gone elsewhere.

Their chairlady, 48-year-old Kadie Koroma thinks illegal and foreign fishing is killing their age-old trade.

Sierra Leone community radios, politics and professionalism

By Mohamed Turah Massaquoi

It’s 12:00 noon in Pujehun, in the southern part of Sierra Leone. At this time each day in the week most people in this district of a population of slightly over 300, 000 are likely to be glued to their radio sets, listening to the most popular program on Radio Wanjei – Chiefdom Satellite.

Sierra Leone court revokes bail for outspoken opposition politician

By Kemo Cham

A magistrate court in Freetown has revoked a bail granted to an outspoken opposition politician fighting sedition charges.

Magistrate Dr Binneh Kamara of Court No.1 accused Jesmed Foday-Mami Suma of contempt of court for which he rescinded his 28 March decision to grant him bail.

The accused was also thrown back to jail at the central prison in Freetown and the case adjourned to 2 June.

Outgoing Ambassador says US committed to Sierra Leone

By Mohamed T. Massaquoi

The outgoing United States ambassador to Sierra Leone has reiterated his government’s commitment to helping Sierra Leone in its development and democratisation journey.

Ambassador John Hoover said on Wednesday May 24 that his country had no hidden agenda with regards the country’s political situation, adding that they wished for Sierra Leone only what the West African nation desires in its development agenda. He was speaking at a round table discussion forum with journalists in Freetown.

Irregular migration poses grave danger to Sierra Leoneans

By Mohamed T. Massaquoi

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Labour and Social Security, Mathew Theambo says irregular migration “poses grave dangers to the lives and fundamental rights of migrants.”

Speaking at the start of a four-day training of some 30 high-ranking and middle-level ministry officials on the “protection and empowerment of migrant workers and their families in Sierra Leone and destination countries, he said the issue was taking on “serious dimensions and alarming proportions”.