Fuel smuggling syndicate uncovered in northern Sierra Leone

By Kemo Cham

Police in Kambia say they have arrested about a dozen people in an ongoing operation that has unearthed a major fuel smuggling syndicate.

The operation in the northern district is part of government’s clampdown on fuel smuggling in a larger measure imposed to control the economic crisis the country is going through, says Assistant Superintendent of Police Sydney Ola Williams of the Kambia Police Division.

Drivers strike over poor roads in southern Sierra Leone

By Mohamed Massaquoi

Commercial transport drivers in Pujehun, southern Sierra Leone, have suspended a sit-down strike in protest over what they say is the poor road network in the district. They are to meet with district stakeholders on Monday with their two-point demand or resume their strike.

Owing to the poor road network in this opposition heartland, the drivers want to increase transport fares to Bo from Le 20,000 to Le 25,000 and add an extra passenger to the three which cars are allowed in the back seat. 

In love with a cripple mother of four!

By Umaru Fofana

I saw love on Sunday 9 October like I had never before seen. No better way to illustrate the biblical and quranic dictate to honour and love our parents. 

I had gone to Mile 91 in northern Sierra Leone with my colleague, Alpha Kargbo, to visit Zainab Kamara, a disabled woman paralysed waist-down. She has four children of her own, two nephews and a niece she is looking after. She has nothing but faith and a small garden with which to look after them. 

Sierra Leone under "a divine curse" – Pro-Israeli lobby

By Kemo Cham

The ongoing economic crisis Sierra Leone is battling may have a biblical connotation, according to a Christian pressure group.

The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ), a global movement of Christians who identify with Israel in its protracted conflict with its Arab neighbors, claims that Sierra Leone’s under development is the result of a decision four decades ago to ditch Israel in favour of the Arabs.

Kenema complains of “central government bias” in development

By Prince Musa

Civil Society activists in the eastern Sierra Leone headquarters of Kenema have taken on the central government accusing it of "bias" in the distribution of national resources in terms of development projects.

Last week the activists, under the umbrella of the civil society and human rights committee in the district, published an open letter serving as an official complaint directed to the Ombudsman’s office and copied to foreign diplomats and the media.

Pay No Bribe Campaign goes to Kenema

By Prince Musa

Sierra Leone's Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has appealed for collaboration from the people of Kenema in its fight against graft.

Mohamed Sylvanus Blake, District Coordinator of the anti-graft agency, said the fight against corruption was a national one which required everyone’s participation. 

He was speaking at the launch of the Pay No Bribe campaign which in Kenema last week.