Three in 10 Sierra Leoneans infected with Malaria – report

By Kemo Cham
Despite progress in reduction of transmission and deaths due to Malaria, Sierra Leone remains one of the worst affected by the disease, the latest report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed.
WHO’s World Malaria Report 2016, released on Tuesday December 13, reveals that nearly 3 in 10 Sierra Leoneans were infected by the parasitic disease, making the country one of the world’s highest burdens of malaria cases.

Research bedrock of development – Professor Ousman Sankoh

By Kemo Cham

A renowned Sierra Leonean scientist has called for greater involvement of academic institutions in the country in research, citing its inalienable  role in facilitating development.

Professor Ousman Sankoh, the Executive Director of the German headquartered INDEPTH network, urged fellow academics to embrace research saying it’s the bed rock of development and could be a source of financing for the country’s cash trapped universities.

Two police officers accused of gang rape in Sierra Leone

By Mohamed T. Massaquoi

Two police officers in the eastern Pujehun District are under investigation over alleged involvement in a case of gang rape.

The men are accused of raping a fellow female police officer.

They have been suspended pending investigation, according to a senior police officer. 

Sierra Leone: Family of suspended mayor lives in fear after attack on residence

By Kemo Cham

The family of the suspended Major of Koidu in the eastern Sierra Leonean district of Kono says they are living in fear after thugs attacked their home in what they suspect is a politically motivated incident.

Hannah Lamina, wife of Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina, told Politico that the unknown assailants attacked in the middle of the night, destroying their windows. She said they struck at precisely around 2:19am, carrying machetes and heavy stones.

Sierra Leone’s electoral calendar under threat - warns election watchdog

By Kemo Cham

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations which monitor the electoral process in Sierra Leone has urged the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to proclaim a specific date for general elections slated for 2018, warning of potential threats on the electoral calendar.

The National Elections Watch (NEW) cited a number of concerns it says poses a threat to derail the election process.