Sierra Leone’s electoral calendar under threat - warns election watchdog

By Kemo Cham

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations which monitor the electoral process in Sierra Leone has urged the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to proclaim a specific date for general elections slated for 2018, warning of potential threats on the electoral calendar.

The National Elections Watch (NEW) cited a number of concerns it says poses a threat to derail the election process.

CRC Chairman ‘surprised’ by APC’s refusal to sign draft report

By Kemo Cham

The head of Sierra Leone’s Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) has expressed shock at the conduct of the governing party which has refused to sign a draft report, effectively delaying the conclusion of ongoing review of the current Constitution.

Justice Edmund Cowan said the All People Congress (APC) party’s action is likely to delay the conclusion of the process which has so far lasted for three years. He told Politico that the excuse the party forwarded for its move was untenable.

Labour migration enhances economic development - officials

By Kemo Cham

An orderly and properly managed labour migration can be a catalyst for economic development, officials said Monday at the start of four-day training workshop on labour migration governance.

The training which took place in the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown, covered the protocol on free movement of persons within Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sub-region. It is part of a larger initiative designed to enhance the benefit of migration for both origin and host communities.

Anger in Sierra Leone amidst protest calls over “hardship” and fuel price increase

By Kemo Cham

The Sierra Leone government is under enormous pressure from citizens to reconsider the new pump prices of petroleum products announced last week with calls for protests planned for this Friday.

A group calling itself the Renaissance Movement says it has informed the police about its intention to stage a ‘Walk to Work’ protest as a demonstration of disapproval of the government’s decision. 

Sierra Leone amends tax regime in 2017 budget

By Kemo Cham

The Sierra Leone government has proposed a series of tax amendments aimed at boosting its revenue base as it unveiled an ambitious budget line for 2017.

Some 16 tax proposals were presented to parliament on Friday contained in the Appropriation Act 2017. They range from a 0.5 percent royalty on turnover of all companies and tax payable persons, to a 35 percent excise tax on cigarette and tobacco products.