Resolutions 2012

I have no idea where this business of making resolutions at the end of every year came from but it’s now widespread. At the start of 2010 we asked some college students what their New Year resolutions were. More than half of the forty students said they wanted to go “closer to God this year” and to “spend more time on their studies”. Well, I don’t need a sorcerer to tell me that none of them stood by those resolutions strictly. Don’t ask me why and don’t convict them before hearing them out. 

Movers and shakers

In 2011 certain individuals and institutions created impact in the progress of our country. This is not an exhaustive list of them all but we are hereby bring to you those that caught our attention irresistibly.

Makeni Priests Still Defiant

A priest at the Catholic Diocese of Makeni has reiterated to Politico that most of the 29 local priests in the region neither recognise bishop-elect Henry Aruna nor will they ever be prepared to work with him. 

ACC is Broke

Investigations reveal

A three-week-long investigation mounted by Politico reveals that the country's Anti Corruption Commission is in a serious financial situation. Our sources say that staff did not get their full end-of-year salary bonus due to the apparent financial crisis. Staff who had to travel to Freetown to answer to an official call late last year were only paid half their per diem.