Sierra Leone: Politicians urged to prioritise healthcare

By Kemo Cham

Out of every five children in Sierra Leone, one is likely to die before celebrating their fifth birthday, according to a UNICEF report.

This reality is at the center of the phenomenon known as infant mortality, one of the major health conundrums confronting Sierra Leone which is ranked among the top five countries globally with the highest rates of Infant Mortality at 114 deaths per every 1000 live births.

Sierra Leone: How a dysfunctional blood transfusion system fuels maternal mortality

By Kemo Cham

Blood transfusion is critical to healthcare, yet in Sierra Leone accessing this life saving service is a nightmarish experience.

Infrastructural challenges aside, fear, fueled by myths and misconceptions, has made it hard to come across people willing to donate blood, even when loved ones are in deathbed. Nowhere is this situation more impacting than in Maternal and infant healthcare.

Sierra Leone’s Independent Press: The country's pacesetters

By Aroun Rashid Deen in New York City

Elections at their highest level in Sierra Leone are just months away. In March 2018, voters will go to the poll to elect officials of government, from the local councils to the presidency.

The period brings with it an inevitable sense of unease and curiosity particularly for members of the independent press in the country. Some journalists now quietly ponder the challenges ahead of them and how to confront them without compromising professional ethics.

How illegal fishing is putting locals out of business in Sierra Leone

By Alpha Kamara

The Rogbaneh Road cold room in Makeni – a once buzzing market in the heart of Sierra Leone – stands empty. Very little fish is available on the stalls. For the fish mongers who rely on the trade, there’s little to do but stand idly by and wait and reminisce. It’s clear that their customers have gone elsewhere.

Their chairlady, 48-year-old Kadie Koroma thinks illegal and foreign fishing is killing their age-old trade.