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A paper written and delivered at a public lecture at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK) by Umaru Fofana

To the Chancellor, Principal, staff and students of the University of Makeni, I say good evening. I must express my profound honour and recognition for being invited here today to give a talk to students of this watershed university. I cannot express enough how happy and excited I am, personally, at the establishing of a university in this part of the country. It had been long overdue but certainly better late than never.

UK Aid vs MDGs

United Kingdom’s 2012 budget must stick to aid pledge…and should confirm 0.7% investment in aid to join countries’ leading efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MGDS), says a recent global development report.

The 0.7% figure translates into 1.6p in every pound of government spending.

But, The Truth Must Be Told

By Sallieu T. Kamara

I can still recall, with fond memories, growing up in the little but great village of Kagbantama in the heart of Kasseh, Port Loko district, in northern Sierra Leone, in the 70s. Those were the days the late SA Fofana was Member of Parliament for the Port Loko North Constituency, now Constituency 53. Kagbantama was (and still is) a politically-strategic village in this Constituency. It has a commanding influence to make and unmake kings and queens.

Progress in the AGENDA for CHANGE

By Dr Samura Kamara

Government has made significant progress in the implementation of the AGENDA for CHANGE during 2008 to 2010. The programmes and projects implemented under each of the strategic priorities of the AGENDA for CHANGE are detailed below: