DATE LINE AFRICA: With Mohamed Jaward Nyallay

Positive signs for missing Chibok girls

A woman has been rescued from Boko Haram militants through a military operation that was led by the Nigerian Army. The woman named Sara Luka was rescued just days after Amina Ali was rescued by a local vigilante group.

In April 2014, 270 girls were kidnapped by the Islamist militia group, Boko Haram. 57 of the girls escaped in the early stages of their kidnapping, but 219 have been missing since. The rescue of Amina brings the count to 218 missing girls.

The dilemma of a female student in Sierra Leone

By Mabinty Kamara

In this 21st century one of the buzz words has been "gender-empowerment". And the emphasis, unsurprisingly, has been on women for whom a major concern is education.

There is a lot of talk about empowering women, yet not much is actually being done to realize this. For many it gets tougher as they get up on the ladder of educational pursuit. Many factors are at play, and they all boil down to the difficulty in accessing resources.

Sierra Leone students win Mandela Award for anti Ebola campaign

By Kemo Cham

An anti-Ebola campaign by the Sierra Leone Medical Students Association (SLEMSA) has won them a coveted global award.
The Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Award was handed to the organization at the recently concluded International Civil Society Week in the Columbian capital, Bogota.

The Dadaab Camp crisis heightens

By Mohamed Jaward Nyallay 

The Kenyan government has decided to shut down Dadaab refugee camp in the next one year. Dadaab residents have been told to leave the country before May, 2017.

“For reasons of pressing national security that speak to the safety of Kenyans in a context of terrorist and criminal activities, the government of the Republic of Kenya has commenced the exercise of closing Dadaab refugee complex,” a press statement released by the government recently reads.

Gender equality is not biblical: Is it Quranic?

By Ezekiel Nabieu

Advocates of gender parity should explain, for the edification of the general public, God’s rationale in creating two genders of humans instead of one. An account of creation tells us that woman was first created out of man’s rib. This is evidenced amply by the fact that men are physically the stronger and women the weaker sex with few exceptions due to defects. There is hardly a male task that is purely physical that cannot be done by a woman.