By: Francis Ben Kaifala Esq (Pictured)

Adam Smith in his work ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’ wrote:

"When it becomes necessary for a state to declare itself bankrupt, in the same manner as when it becomes necessary for an individual to do so, a fair, open and avowed bankruptcy is always the measure which is both least dishonourable to the debtor and least hurtful to the debtor."

ICC’s new mandate:  Why Sierra Leone officials should be concerned

By Kemo Cham

Last month the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced a landmark development in its mandate.

The office of the Prosecutor said it was expanding its mandate to include cases of environmental destruction, which include issues of land-grabbing. 

This means that governments and individuals who help broker deals that lead to such environmental problems could face prosecution for crimes against humanity.

Sierra Leone divided over the death penalty 

By Kemo Cham

The death penalty is a bad law which should be done away with, the rights group Amnesty International has said as a fresh debate on the fate of the divisive law in Sierra Leone takes center stage following the sentencing recently of a famous magician.

Baimba Moiforay, better known as LAC, was handed the death sentence alongside co-accused Foday Amara Kamara after the two were found guilty by the Freetown High Court. They conspired to murder popular DJ, Sydney Buckle, better known as DJ Cleff, the court found.

Guest Writer: The thoughts of a Sierra Leonean teenager

By Eunice Naffie Mustapha

In Sierra Leone, most women have the motivation and vision to take active part in governance and in the socio-economic advancement of the country. However, it is easily discernible that the amount of female participation in the job market needed to stimulate economic growth in the country is pretty minimal. The male/female labor force is grossly skewed and imbalance.