It is becoming confusing by the day to define the role of an artiste Manager/Promoter and who employs who or who works for whom. When music started having its way in Sierra Leone, the managers were seen as the supremo actually controlling the artistes when they in fact make the money. On the other hand, the artistes have been accused of being ungrateful to their Manager/Promoters when they make money.


SOUFERIOR speaks on his new track

Souferior Soufian Kargbo aka the African Prince has released his new hit single tiled Labo Labo. Souferior has in his credit a popular track, Pull Na Do which won him an award at the SLMTV Awards in 2011. In this interview with Politico, he explains the reason for the Labo Labo track.

Politico: Why did you come up with a track titled Labo Labo?

Female artistes take up beefing….

It used to be among the hip hop guyz primarily Black Leo, RFM, Noble Squad, Dry Yai. But some female artistes have not only copied the beefing but seem to have perfected it.
The scene was Old Skool and the performers were Star Zero, LuLu against Empress P. It was like a coincidence between L.A.J and LULU who are lovers and when at the time L.A.J and Big Fish were motor-racing on the beach, Lulu and co were at Empress P at Old Skool.