Entertainment: TOP 5 BEST Sierra Leone Rap Verses 2011

By Ishmael Bayoh

TOP 5 BEST Sierra Leone Rap Verses 2011

Jasper P. Sembie recently released his five best top rap verses in the country whose condition he said made it difficult for him to give an opinion on songs as many dope tracks were released in 2011.  He said, a song might be very good but none of its verses, in isolation, is outstanding. He cautioned that it would be considered that as his choices are considered, and one thinks he is crazy, “go and check out these songs yourselves and feel free to raise your contention”.

Interview: DJ Boxx up for the ‘right thing’

He is a well-known entertainment guru after collaborating with wonder boy Mohamed Kallon to operate Kallbox. Abubakarr Boxx Konteh or DJ Boxx started as a DJ to become a showbiz mogul in the Sierra Leone industry. But of late his relationship with some leading artistes has not been good. He has being accused of promoting foreign artistes against the locals and also of trampling on their benefits. In this interview with Politico’s Ishmael Bayoh, Boxx said someone has to stand up for the right thing.

Politico: Who do we have today in Politico?

Who says hip hop music is responsible for violence

By Ishmael Bayoh 

I am compelled to write this piece after close observations of how some people are using the name and influence of our musicians in their so called campaign against violence as we approach the November 17th, 2012 multi-tier elections.