Kao’s new dissing song

Kao’s new dissing song

Boss LA and Kao: This peace does not seem to be working

King of Freetown, Amara Denis Turay (Kao Denero) has just released a track single titled: ‘Boss of the Bosses’ where he continues to claim supremacy.

This single comes about after pictures of his rival Boss LA and US rapper Cassidy were posted in a music feature. Some people close to Kao and LA’s elder brother,Ismailla (who is the actual financier of RFM) claim that Ismaila had sent a message to Kao informing him about LAJ featuring Cassidy.

LAJ Unveils Cassidy, Kao drops another hit

LAJ’s Red Flag Movement (RFM) has busted Cee Money while planning to feature US based freestyle rapper Cassidy, real name Barry Adrian Reese. Meanwhile, his rival Kao Denero of Black Leo fame is planning to release a new single soonest.

By the way Cee Money, who is said to have sustained multiple injuries after the RFM attack, is Black Leo’s financial mainstay, whose moral support was equally visible when his dudes visited the country over the years.

How hip-hop beefing began

‘Diss Songs’, or usually called ‘beef songs’, have taken centre-stage not only in the USA, where it was said to have originated, but also in Sierra Leone, predominantly used in rap songs but rarely in other genres of songs.

Most of the lyrics of beef songs were explicit, viral and sometimes sparked violence among rival rap groups or gangs as they are known in the music industry.

Politico’s Ishmael Bayoh attempts to trace beefs in hip-hop to the genesis. Here are some of the findings: genre

Two DJs’ beef

Just days after a top DJ, Basseem Ayoub and one of the best lyricists, Kao Denero exchanged words; two known DJs, Alhaji K. Tarawallie and Dee Jay Dawish have been the latest.

The two were friends before the hosting of the LAKE Hip-Hop award at the Stadium Swimming Pool. Alhaji K. Tarawally (Laj K) works for Premier Tok Radio and Dee Jay Dawish works for Star Radio. Laj K was the President of DJ’s Association (SLEREDA) while Dawish was his Vice. What went wrong between the two needs an explanation as Dawish and others went ahead to form Alliance of DJs.

Hip DJ wins double

By Ishmael Bayoh Popular radio hip hop DJ, Basseem Ayyoub (Mr. B) has won the LAKE Hip Hop award for best radio DJ 2012 making it a double after winning it last year.