Business And Economy

IMF on Progress & Challenges in Salone

Macroeconomic outcomes were broadly favorable in 2011.
Economic activity expanded further, supported by output increases in
agriculture, construction, and services, as well as the scaling-up of
infrastructure investments; GDP growth is estimated at 6 percent (5.3
percent in 2010).

Natural Resources Management & Tinges

By Tanu Jalloh

In this edition of
Business and Economy, we have done a thorough research on natural
resources and what they mean for stability, economic growth and
wealth distribution and state of affairs where they have failed to
improve standards of living.  

Banking Act 2012: Regulations & Powersof BSL

By Tanu Jalloh

When, in my last article, I attempted to look at regulations in the financial sector or banking industry in Sierra Leone, I drew my premises from across the world with particular references to countries like United States of America, The United Kingdom and Nigeria, to drive home my arguments for a secure transactional environment.