Business And Economy

Sierra Leone writes IMF

By Tanu Jalloh

Following is a letter written to the International Monetary Fund by Sierra Leone's Finance Minister and the Governor of the central bank. I will attempt to do an analysis of it next week which can only make sense to you if you grasp this letter. Read on:

Regulating an insecure banking sector

By Tanu Jalloh

I read the exchange of perorations between the Public Relations Officer of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Beresford Taylor, and a private lawyer with a knack for financial matters, Francis Kaifala, on the ways banks have or have not operated around the festivities of December.

Political will, MDGs and economic gains

By Tanu Jalloh

The evidence is clear. Without effective and accountable institutions, systems, processes and political will, economic gains are not automatically translated into development outcomes or registered as MDG [Millennium Development Goals] achievements.

Blots on a bright economy: A sequel

By Tanu Jalloh

Sequel to the one I did in 2012 coming into the New Year, this year, I reasoned with the trend of economic growth and what it looked like and what it meant for times ahead. The general hope was that while investments and business generally showed signs of boom,given the trend in the five years before 2013, there were blots. And the economy, which was supposed to be the driving force behind all of that, had the deuce of a time getting there.

…the recovery process

By Tanu Jalloh

Sierra Leone’s post war economic recovery process could not be said to be even, in terms of policy approaches that seek to bring along the needs of the whole country. Hence successive governments have grappled, and still do, with the perennially insurmountable challenge of inequality and unevenness in access to economic opportunities and wealth creation across the board.

Sierra Leone’s Economic Freedoms

By Tanu Jalloh

“When the facts change, I change my opinion. What do you do Sir?” asks John Maynard Keynes. The twentieth century British economist had many revolutionary ideas, almost all of them were controversial, yet they profoundly affected the theory and practice of modern macroeconomics. Thus, in the above quote he is concerned that markets are dynamic and uncertain, which is to say we all have the ability to be wrong.

The youth factor in Sierra Leone

By Tanu Jalloh

I am looking at a document titled “Joint Response to Youth Employment in Sierra Leone”, with a programme duration of three years ending in 2012.For the purpose of this piece, let’s shorten the title to JRYESL.