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Effective employers' association equals a flourishing private sector

A flourishing private sector can lift Sierra Leone out of poverty with effective employers' organisations being a crucial part of that equation; as Memuna Forna argues.

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Mines was launched last week, giving the mining industry a voice both at home and abroad and, in the process, becoming the latest addition to the burgeoning and crucially important landscape of organisations representing the interests of Sierra Leone’s business sector.

Sierra Leone's budget supplements in 2014

By Tanu Jalloh

Here we are again today servicing a supplementary budget. Albeit this time for reasons every Sierra Leone should be willing to let go of our wealth. However, I can safely say now that it is fast becoming a pattern, the reccurrence of which this country will find extremely difficult to address in the next three years.

Our de-dollarization process

By Tanu Jalloh

When the Bank of Sierra Leone recently set out to deal with what was soon to become the biggest policy approach to reinventing the leone and adding some value to what it stands for, the vogue becomes “dollarization”. The phenomenon is not new in this part of the world and therefore a part of many such economies as Sierra Leone.

Getting it right in 2014

By Tanu Jalloh

I hope we get it right this time around. When the economic boom beckoned at the close of 2012 with post elections stability and on the eve of 2013 with signs of hope in the mining sector, the estimates from World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were almost meant to be near exact.

As we came to learn later, the figures to support those projections of economic growth, it would seem, were as generally fluid as the intentions to bandy them were disingenuous.

That ambitious 2014 budget

By Tanu Jalloh

Perhaps this is the first step to cushioning external shocks, given that global economic outlook still presents some risks to the economic outlook of Sierra Leone. The ministry of finance has proposed the most ambitious government budget since the war.