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The Contracting Public Relations Market

By Tanu Jalloh 

This is 2015, and I am returning to the fabled discourse of how the ever growing world of communication has caused us to look back at the apparent superiority fray between Marking Communications geeks and Public Relations gurus.

Estimates and 2015 Economic Recovery for Sierra Leone

By Tanu Jalloh


I have always had issues with government estimates and projections as they relate to economic growth and expansion, national and project budget requirements, investments in the public and private sectors and their outcomes. No regard for the implications on the behaviour of the public – the electorate to be more appropriate.

Salone’s Letter of Intent to IMF

Christine Lagarde, IMF MD




September 17, 2014

Madame Christine Lagarde

Managing Director

International Monetary Fund

Washington, D.C. 20431


Dear Madame Lagarde:

Marketing Public Relations

By Tanu Jalloh

I consider myself a media and communications practitioner who would later engage in public relations. I now gradually see myself making the marketing executive type. I have had a taste of the three worlds – Journalism, Public Relations, and Marketing. I, therefore, am coming from those backgrounds to look at how the relevance of public relations (PR) is gradually being subsumed by marketing.

Diversion in private sector economics

Especially since it became a republic in 1971,Sierra Leone might not have witnessed some direct adverse situational effectsof this proportion on the public-private sector economic symbiosis as evident in the way the health sector operates in particular and the country in general.

The economics of Ebola in Sierra Leone

By Abdul Aziz

As I watch the news channels (BBC, SKY News, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Aljazeera), I cannot help but admire the courage of my fellow Sierra Leoneans even in the face of this killer disease. Sierra Leoneans are a really steadfast people. Sierra Leoneans even see the funny side of Ebola as seen by the numerous jokes on social media.

Burial rite in a local economy

By Tanu Jalloh

The economy is sick right now. When movement of people stalls, no matter the legitimacy that informs it and the consideration that respects it, there is always the likelihood of some attendant social and economic effects.