Brinkmanship Vs Lost opportunities at SLFA

By Isaac Massaquoi

An uneasy calm appears to be holding between the two factions fighting for control of the Sierra Leone Football Association since their last meeting with President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House. Once again, the president has been forced to personally intervene in the affairs of the Sierra Leone Football Association.

Sierra Leone journalism on the advertiser’s leash

By Isaac Massaquoi

I am bringing to print a debate I once floated on the SLAJ Whatsapp Group about a month ago concerning how advertisers are negatively impacting journalism in Sierra Leone. I argued on that forum – and I am doing here again – that even more than our draconian media laws, advertisers in both the private and public sectors are to a large extent responsible for the poverty and considerable drop in professionalism in the Sierra Leone media, especially in the newspaper industry.