Examination Camps and the instant success crap

By Isaac Massaquoi

I was listening to Culture Radio about a week ago, as I do every morning, when my attention was drawn to a rather bizarre story about anincident at a high school in the Freetown Peninsular.

The strength of Culture Radio’s Morning Ride program is that they do extensive coverage on events in the Western Rural areas of Freetown which, for many people in the capital is only about the acquisition of prime lands for estate development and tourism.

Land that we do not have...

By Isaac Massaquoi

The recent arrest and detention of prominent opposition leader Charles Margai has once again called the nation’s attention to the festering wound that we have continuously covered with plaster hoping we will wake up one morning to find the wound healed. It will never happen.

Relocate Pademba Road Jail and Then What?

By Isaac Massaquoi

There’s no doubt anymore that the Pademba Road jail will be relocated to somewhere beyond Waterloo in the Western Area rural district. The details of the relocation such as a definite spot and a few other issues are still not in the public domain although newspapers have carried pictures and stories of the deputy minister of internal affairs, Sheka Tarawallie, visiting the Pademba Road prison with an official of the company that will probably construct the news prison, andinspecting some possible sites.

Retreating in the face of lawlessness

By Isaac Massaquoi

The annual Inter-Secondary School athletics meeting for this year has been cancelled. The official in charge at the Ministry of Education was on radio last week saying that the schools are not ready and that the Conference of Principals is not quite warm to the idea.