How much alcohol is too much alcohol?

By Isaac Massaquoi

We have to admit that Sierra Leone is facing a very serious problem with cheap and dangerous alcohol that is now freely available to anybody who cares. This is not only a Freetown problem. In fact it's more pronounced in remote and viciously poor communities in rural Sierra Leone.

Who killed journalist Obai Wurie?

By Isaac Massaquoi

Please don't expect any clear-cut answer to this question because the truth is, I don't know. The family, workmates and friends of the late journalist also don't know. And from what I've been told, his doctor provided some answers but it appears as if it's a different narrative that many people believe. And they include the two priests who officiated at his funeral mass.

Is this really Sierra Leone culture?

By Isaac Massaquoi

I think the time has finally come for this country to confront the question of whether mask devil parades are truly cultural events or political jamborees that have been hijacked by hardcore criminal elements whose activities have forced people like me to stop and think about the foreboding with which people greet mask devil parades these days in Freetown in particular.

Sierra Leone football: John Sisay and the million-dollar project

By Isaac Massaquoi

I applaud John Sisay for being so thoughtful. I also applaud him for starting what is easily the biggest  private sector initiative ever put forward for football development in Sierra Leone. If properly managed, this project has great potentials to restore some pride to the long-suffering football fans of Sierra Leone by ending the national disgrace that we have come to expect every time our boys take to the field both at home and abroad.


By Isaac Massaquoi

All those who like me, believe that the agreement between Isha Johansen and Mohamed Kallon to "work together in the name of patriotism for the furtherance of football in Sierra Leone with sincerity of purpose" after that very damaging row recently, will unravel soon, please step forward.