How many more journalists must die?

By Isaac Massaquoi

The recent brutal murder of two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff has definitely badly shaken the confidence of young people aspiring to make a career in international journalism - especially in the West. The two Americans were slaughtered like sheep in front of a camera and the pictures put on social networking sites for the world to see - well those who are strong enough to watch the gory details of someone being beheaded. I haven't stopped wondering how the world came to this.

Football transfer window closed, get on with the football

By Isaac Massaquoi

Those who are not interested in football and its accompanying noise, excitement and anxiety about which player is moving to which team or which teams are doing well or failing should probably never try to join us in this crazy business. It's expensive, time-consuming and full of stress.

WAEC and those 2000 WASSCE results

By Isaac Massaquoi

I've been waiting for years for Sierra Leone's normally vibrant Civil Society market to come up with a group called CAMPAIGN FOR CLEAN PUBLIC EXAMS or CCPE. They can easily craft out their own mandate in a crowded market where such groups continuously overlap in what they set out to do.

Defeating Ebola with prayer and repentance

By Isaac Massaquoi

We live in very strange times in Sierra Leone these days. Not even during those 10 years of a horrendous and unnecessary war, characterised by killing and maiming was this nation so despised by the rest of the world. Tell me, how does it feel to wake up every morning to news of your country being isolated in every way possible by the rest of the world?

Fighting Ebola: Could Sierra Leone have done better?

By Isaac Massaquoi

From all that we've heard so far from our health workers, politicians across West Africa and the UN World Health Organisation, we have to accept that Sierra Leone is firmly in the claws of the Ebola epidemic and it will take a struggle of herculean proportions to free ourselves.

Sierra Leone Police and illegal alcohol: beyond the press release

By Isaac Massaquoi

So the police have been reading and listening to the people raising concerns about the problem of dangerous and cheap alcohol flooding this country with the potential to lay the foundation for us becoming a nation of drunkards. May be that's too extreme but unless one deliberately refuses to talk about this, the love for alcohol in Sierra Leone has reached incredibly worrying levels in recent times and we must do something to stem the tide.

The system fails again in Sierra Leone

By Isaac Massaquoi

May be we should invite Nollywood producers to come to Sierra Leone and shoot a movie on this country's latest experience with some scam masters roaming the world looking for easy preys. It will be an instant blockbuster. We could even use some of the proceeds from that project to compensate the thousands of people who have lost good money to those who came here offering gifts that were simply too good to be real.