In the Claws of Cholera

By Isaac Massaquoi

On Wednesday afternoon, I received the following text message from the Ministry of Health: “Prevent cholera: Always wash hands with soap after using the toilet.” I am quite sure hundreds of thousands of other Sierra Leoneans also received it.

Here they come again

By Isaac Massaquoi

We are getting deeper and deeper into that season again when politicians come out of their “supernatural” forms to become ordinary people once again. These days they are seen all over the place, pretending to be very friendly. They are now visiting old friends they abandoned five years ago; they are visiting densely populated depressed communities, making gestures and engaging in naked bribery just to secure votes. Why do these people believe we can’t see through this ritual façade?

As you stand in the queue

By Isaac Massaquoi

Let’s imagine that today’s date is November 17 2012 and you’ve just bought a copy of Politico newspaper. You will probably be reading while standing in one of the long queues that would have formed outside polling stations all over the country with people waiting to cast their votes. Counting from today we have only one hundred days left. So it is pretty close, isn’t it? On November 17 you will be making a very important decision that we have often treated with levity.