Back to school: A confusing spectacle

By James Tamba Lebbie

No better starting point for my piece today than with a focus on President Ernest Bai Koroma's vision for education in his "Agenda for Prosperity" project and to juxtapose it with practical attempts at reforming the sector. Below are two excerpts from the Agenda for Prosperity document relating to education:

Criminalising SLPP to stifle the debate

By James Tamba Lebbie

Give the dog a bad name and hang it!  In the last five to six years, this is what has come to characterise the day-to-day governance of the state of Sierra Leone and to a very large extent, everyday life in the country. Agents and sycophants are truly and actively at work!

The politics of our solar lights

By James Tamba Lebbie

A recent press release from the Ministry of Energy says a solar street light pilot project comprising about 9,000 solar poles “is being implemented nationwide in all the four regions of Sierra Leone. This means, the North, South, East and Western Region in all the 14 Districts in Sierra Leone. Added to the 14 District Headquarter Towns, the facility is currently extended to other urban towns like Lungi, Lunsar, Koindu, etc. which are also benefiting from the solar street lights.”

Questioning President Koroma’s democratic credentials

By James Tamba Lebbie

Once again the parliamentary bye-election in the All Peoples Congress’ “stronghold” of Mile 91 – scheduled for 29 June 2013 but which didn’t take place - has brought President Ernest Bai Koroma’s democratic credentials under sharp scrutiny. And once again, the same incident has lent credence to what many observers have been saying - that the APC is afraid of elections and is incapable of winning any clean, credible and transparent poll.