Between Rhetoric and Delivery

“Mr. Chairman, while it may be accurate to suggest that the period 1968-1992 was characterized by poor governance, it was certainly not the genesis of the problem. The emergence of poor governance in Sierra Leone should be traced as far back as 1964. In 1965, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) led regime of Sir Albert Margai passed the now infamous Public Order Act 1965 which is currently the subject of intense criticisms by the media for muzzling press freedom…Mr.

Koroma's Sam-Sumana Dilemma

When rumors started making the rounds late last year that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Tarawally would replace Vice President Sam Sumana as President Ernest Bai Koroma’s running mate for the November 2012 election, I didn’t know how to react – to laugh or to cry. It was a rumour indeed but a persistent one too until it culminated into that intra-party skirmish in Kono in early September last year. I will return later to shed some light on reaction to this interesting drama.

Sierra Leone - A Declining “Success Story”

Sierra Leone’s reputation of being one of the United Nations’ success stories seems to be hanging on a thread. Worst still, the apprehension within UN circles that the country risks sliding back into another conflict if peace is not consolidated, is realistic.

The Politics of the Catholic Rebellion in Makeni

Justified! Shocking! Disgraceful! Shameful! These are some of the mixed reactions in response to the protest over the weekend, which greeted the unveiling of the new Catholic Bishop to head the Diocese of Makeni. And it would seem Catholics in other Dioceses and observers across the country were taken by surprise by the event. But regardless of where one stands in the brouhaha, the incident has, no doubt, brought to the fore a number of issues that have far-reaching ramifications for Catholics and the country as a whole.