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Standstill in Guinea over fuel prices

By Umaru Fofana

Cities and towns across Guinea have been brought to a standstill for the second day running after two labour unions called for a stay-at-home strike to protest the non-reduction in the pump price of fuel.

Both public and private sector workers have not gone to work and commercial vehicle drivers also heeded the call by the General Workers’ Union and the Confederation of Labour Unions who are demanding a reduction in the pump price from 8,000 Guinea Franc (a little over Le 5,000) per litre, to 5,000 GF (about Le 3,500).

For two days talks between the government and union leaders have broken down. The government argues that despite the massive reduction in the global price of oil it cannot reduce the pump price because of its commitment to the International Monetary Fund which injects badly-needed funds into its Ebola-buffeted economy.

The unions have vowed to continue with their action until the government meets their demand.

(C) Politico 17/02/16