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Priest calls for Christians to share

By Jenneh Braima

On the eve of the beginning of the Christian season of Lent, the director of social communication in the Catholic Archdiocese of Freetown has said that "this is the time for Christians to share what they have with the poor".

The Reverend Father John Garrick says lent itself starts on the Ash Wednesday when the use of ash is required on the forehead of all Christians as a sign of repentance, noting that fasting, praying and being generous with the poor are the cornerstones of the event.

Pastor Amara of the Army of the Lord ministry said "Christians should not only be holy during the season of Lent" which he described as "just a way of commemorating the past but everyday should be lent".

Christians observe Lent to commemorate the events that culminated in the people of Israel being liberated from slavery in Egypt for a prosperous life in the "promised land".

(C) Politico 04/03/14