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Editorial: Politico Newspaper Is Back!

Greetings! In the first place we apologise for being away from the news-stands for this long. Precisely four months nineteen days since we last published on 2 September this year, we are out again.

Secondly, we must register our appreciation for the deluge of calls and messages from concerned friends.All of you genuinely wanted to know what happened to the publication. We feel cared for.

On that note, we owe all of our esteemed readership this explanation. We had promised to serve you and where we had problems along the way, serious enough to put us out of circulation for this long, we feel obliged to account for that.

The year ending this month has been very challenging. That, notwithstanding, we used the occasion to take a break and to plan properly so that we will be consistent in our service to the public in the New Year. By God’s grace, we have put a lot of work into planning such that 2016 will only be better.

We know the role Politico plays, had played and will continue to play in Sierra Leone. We are very humbled to have been appreciated by many people, some of them our critics who feel we must do more.

So many issues had passed unnoticed because Politico was out of circulation. However, we believe that more are likely to happen in the years to come and we will be better placed to cover them. Elections moments, we are sure, are likely to start earlier than expected, probably in late 2016. We will be there not only to tell the stories but also provide analyses that the public can trust.

The economy suffered because of the Ebola outbreak that ravaged the country and almost brought it to her knees. We will be part of the recovery process and tell the stories of how the authorities address the post epidemic needs of the people. We will follow every development projects and tell the stories in ways that interest the public and in the public interest.

On that note we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May we all meet again after the holidays.

(C) Politico 21/12/15